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Social entrepreneurship is fulfilling in a couple of ways – you not only get the opportunity to bring out the entrepreneur in you but also have a platform to work for the impacting the society at large with your business model. But when thinking about social entrepreneurship, most of us want to do something, but don’t know how to start – what idea to capitalize on. This post is all about a few ideas to give direction to your entrepreneurial mind. Read on:

  1. Child-care services:
    With the increasing number of working professionals and nuclear families, children don’t get the care they deserve. Even when it comes to normal day-care services, the assurance that your child is safe and sound in the hands of a stranger is still missing. This is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to provide affordable, secure and reliable child-care services. Believe me; reliable day-care centers are hard to find – so if you come up with one, you’ll definitely be in demand.
  2. Handloom industry:
    No, we’re not asking you to set one up! But what’s known to all is the fact that the handicrafts and handloom fabrics crafted by local craftsman often don’t fetch them the value they deserve. But, when sold in the market to buyers like us, these very handmade items are sold at a much higher cost. This is where you enter – start off with extensive research and look out for handcrafted items that will have a potentially good market and also a great revenue opportunity for the craftsman as well as you! This way you tick all the boxes of social entrepreneurship.
  3. Women’s organization:
    One of the major issues plaguing our society is the constant conflict of the society against the growing independence of women. Starting off with such a center will give women a backbone, a support that will help them achieve anything they set their mind on. Also, conducting courses and classes that will equip women to go out and fetch employment for themselves. Such centers are given aid from the government too, not forgetting the contribution from the private sector.
  4. Organic farming:
    This is one golden opportunity to create a brand in a world where chemicals contaminate almost everything. Organic agriculture is steadily gaining importance and acceptance from people at large too. Tying up with farmers who practice organic farming or making sure their product reaches the right hands at the right rates is what you can do. Or even better, get into the fields and start with your own organic farm!

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